Our Vision for a Circular Economy

Our Vision for a Circular Economy

Arious Meta offers a social responsibility and community development program. As part of its ongoing commitment towards providing education, rehabilitation and infrastructure related improvements in its concession sites, Arious Meta will invest 10% of its annual profits back into these initiatives.

We as a company believe in giving back to the community and by creating this circular economy model, we are creating a long-term and sustainable business model which ensures the longevity of the business and all the people involved.

The Significance of the 10%
and our Circular Economy Model

We at Arious Meta will reinvest 10 % of the annual profits generated from the business back into the host country. We as a company are not only committed towards the 10% of the profits being given to the country but we will ensure that the money is put to good use by monitoring the usage of it. Arious Meta, along with the host country government will use the funds towards social and community development.

Our Circular Economy Model

Pledging our own assets worth 1 billion USD as a Stable Coin (utility token).

Investing Collateral of our Stable Coin (utility token) in the Central / Nationalized Bank of Africa.

Joint Venture with the African Government Entity.

Manufacturing done locally in the country to Benefit the Artisans

Equipping Artisans would speed up the processes of mining.

Legalizing the Artisans to eliminate child labour and other problems.

Store the gold mined by the artisans in the Joint Venture Company.

Exporting the purchased gold to UAE for Purification.

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